who we are

William Matthews is the owner and operator of Digital Footprint.


If I were to tell my life story, it would go a little like this…

It was ten to midnight on an unusually sodden March night. The year, 1981. Simon and Garfunkel were playing over the radio; Bridge Over Troubled Water. The song I was born to. My parents are English, and that is where I was born too. However, at the young age of Eight, my parents whisked me away to a country 5 Million times bigger. “The True North, Strong and Free!”




I guess I had always been attracted to stories. I found my self on stage at a young age. To me it wasn’t just hearing stories, it was living them. I performed all through school and when the time came to go to University, there really was no other thing on my mind but Theatre.

Upon graduating I traveled around Canada performing many different shows and so acting out many different stories. After making it as far east as Labrador and West to the plains of Manitoba, I had caught the travel bug. I hopped on a plane and landed in London, England, my first home. I didn’t stop long though, and ended up in the misty and magical mountains of Northern Scotland.

It was here, whilst working for a Scottish tour company, surrounded by ancient and new stories that I realized something. The stories they were telling were more than just stories…

The World is shaped by two things – stories told and the memories they leave behind. - Vera Nazarian.

It got me thinking of the stories I had. Not just my stories but the ones my grandparents had told time and time again. However, I quickly realized that I didn’t remember the details. It saddened me. Then, with the magical timing only a mother can have, the phone rang. We chatted for a long time about family stories, and lamented not remembering so many of them. They were forever gone, and we wished they weren’t. That was the moment when it clicked. We could save these stories. Not ours, perhaps, but others’.

And that brought me to biographies. Stories captured, and wisdoms imparted, leaving behind a record of who we are…our footprint. And thus, Digital Footprint, was born.