How We Do It

The process of creating your own custom biography begins with a telephone meeting with our director/interviewer William Matthews. This meeting serves as a preparatory interview and helps focus the questions and direction the primary interview will take. Other material is also offered to aid you in your preparation.

With the pre-interview complete the primary interview can begin! The crew is assembled and a location for the shoot is established that both suits the shooting of the interview and also reflects the personality of the subject. With everyone comfortable and settled in, the interview process itself is conducted with William Matthews providing prompts or questions based on the pre-interview conversation.  After the interview is complete we will shoot some candid video of the subject enjoying their favourite pastimes; showing their artwork, playing music, enjoying their garden, reading a novel in the window, for example. This part of the process takes between 5 and 8 hours. It can be split into two days, if needed.

Before the day is done we collect photographs, articles, correspondence, or home videos to be included in the final biography. We can scan any photographs on site, so you never have to fear losing them.

With principal recording completed, the video is far from over, and will take between another 60-80 hours to finish. So, we quickly set ourselves to creating your video. First, if requested, we can touch up any photographs for clarity, and to mitigate any damage caused by age. An example is shown below.



We then edit out the interviewer’s questions for one continuous story telling, add in the photographs, articles or correspondence, painting a complete picture of the subject and their life. The final video will have an estimated run time of thirty minutes.

With the editing process complete the project is burned to a personalized DVD and given distinct packaging available through Digital Footprint Productions.



We have a number of package options available which will cater to various price points. Please contact us to let us know that you are interested in having a video made.